Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Waiting - blog the 12th

Inspired by @flexnib waiting for a plane *waves* (hope you are home and warm)

"Waiting is not in the first 100 things I'm good at" Abby - NCIS

5 'waits' I did today

1. Waiting for the alarm 
I do this every time I set an alarm - I wake up 10 mins before it goes off.

2. Waiting for the coffee machine to start
Longest wait of the day - Self explanatory 

3. Waiting for ms 16 to be ready 
Teen age girl with hair - Self explanatory

4. Waiting for 'desk shift of death' to finish
Seriously - four hours is a long time (staff illness) 

5. See image below - its dry and freezing here in the desert. 

Did you wait today? How was it?
I'll wait to hear... :))

Blog every day for June

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