Wednesday, 2 January 2013

2013 - time to write - possibly

day one - the year two thousand and thirteen
Possiblility of writing zero (except tweets - do they count?)
Mission - rest day - too hot to move 43c
Ended 2012 confused and tired and rushing off to spend Christmas with my family. (The trip was a whole other story with the closure of the Great Eastern Highway for 18 hours - that road is horrid.)
This new blog is a 'work in progress' and hopefully much more- five years on. I may change it's look a lot until I am happy with it. At the moment the background is both delighting me and annoying as hard to read - as I said, work in progress.
day two - the year two thousand and thirteen
possibility of writing - 25% - temperature on our verandah 43c.
I have been thinking that I have not been too creative lately. I have been toying with two ideas - return to study or settle in to research an idea that interests me. AND create something beautiful.
I have been studying a MOOC and that has inspired me to start writing again, any writing is good, practice - flex that muscle..
(who said that? hmmm can't remember - but I'm not claiming it as mine :-)
Also I am making a "River Song  diary " just because. Holidays rule. Fun must be had.
The MOOC is helping me with a project i have been dabbing at, but not fully working on and is a lot of research and writing. I intend to work on this project. NYE Resolution.
I have not written anything professionally lately as I believe at the moment I have nothing to say. A wise friend once said - 'first have something to say'... it has proven a good rule of thumb for conference attendance and interaction with other professionals in the industry.
I have not attended a conference or other in the past year for various reasons, but this is the main one.. having something to contribute is paramount at this stage and the possibilities of how I can start again to work towards a meaningful contribution are exciting and challenging.
Topics that are currently catching my attention: (in no particular order)
Design thinking
Flipped classroom (this sounded awfully like studying online to me.. *shrug* and then I wondered how it would work online and then... my brain exploded and I rested - *see day one)
Information literacy for international students - communication
anyway enough - off to make the diary and have a bit of fun and possibly a swim.
yours in possibility