Friday, 17 May 2013

he wrote

he wrote his dreams
he wrote his love
he wrote his family at home

he trained

he wrote his training
he wrote his skill
he wrote his promotion to corporal

he travelled

he wrote his mates
he wrote his food
he wrote his thanks for mail

he fought

he wrote his fright
he wrote his fatigue
he wrote his sadness at loss of life

he endured

he stopped writing


Tuesday, 7 May 2013

you don’t write, you don’t phone, but man do you tweet

I live and work isolated from others in the profession, it is 600km to the nearest capital city. I am the only ‘Academic Librarian in the village’ (ref. ‘Little Britian’ J) of approx. 30,000, that I am aware of, there may be some lurking out there… *waves*.

Sharing within the profession face to face is difficult and not possible on a daily basis, unless - Skype, and yet I don't feel isolated and this is why...

I have set up a sharing personal learning network (PLN) online and mainly on twitter.

They don’t write, and they don’t phone, but every day I have a wonderful conversation with others in the profession. We swap library stories, we swap new tech information and share things we have seen and images we have taken. Some of the links from Australian and NZ Library folk are amazing, informative and take you down many information roads.

Library folk love to share, on any normal day, I can, for example, read a blog from a student completing a MLS and why, see an image of a Library overseas or join in a discussion on the merits of which new RSS feed app to use as our favourite one is disappearing *sniff*.

We swap family success stories and tales of woe and sometimes a yummy recipe or two, really it can be just like sharing desks in an office, just, from a distance.

This is a brilliant lively river of learning and friendship and I encourage you to dip into it. You don’t have to gain skills to tweet, just join the conversation in 140 characters or less J.

*Waves* to PLN 

I also recommend you consider this,


Saturday, 4 May 2013


Gallipoli was ok,
hot weather dust and insects
France was another story
Cold wet mud to your armpits and
Never warm

They took away the blankets
For reason, end of season
Older diggers from hot areas froze
Not coping well with the wet and

The officer wrote to keep a blanket for each man
Allowed until a certain date
Then all had to be returned
Rolled up in sets of ten and
Accounted for

War is more
than mud and blood and tears
It's staff and supply management
on tremendous scale and
Bottom line

Friday, 3 May 2013

she didn't survive

In 1880
She married
A working man
With gentle pretensions
Who worked not often
Bedded well
A little one was born
A girl
She struggled
Have no more
Was pronounced
A little one was born
A boy
He thrived
You will kill yourself
Was pronounced
A little one was born
A girl
She died at 2 months
Don't have any more
A stern male voice said
A little one was born
A boy
He died at a few hours
She didn't survive
in 1890
He remarried

Wednesday, 1 May 2013


He said
"Ginger beer and milk"
She said
"That sounds disgusting"
He said
"It's good"
She smiled and said
"I might try it, if it doesn't kill you"
He laughed and said
"You are my kind of girl, wanna go out?"
She looked at him and said
He looked back and said
"The movies"
She said
"I work here"
He smiled and said,
"Ginger beer and milk"

Just write

Just do it.
Sit and write
That is the advice
From seasoned
And educators
Get words on the page
If you don't
You won't be
You won't be

Inspired by this
Talk from the hands