Thursday, 27 June 2013

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Doing a meme today - my way...
Idea lifted from @flexnib 

5 things you don't know about me

1. I'm allergic to rubber. (so no bondage for me - unless hmm leather? O.O)

(Yes I can hear the 50 shades of 'what did she say??? Omg - it's a joke Joyce)

2. At high school I chose the wrong subjects - all of them - took me years to recover from 'economics'. 
Just don't get me started on the periodic table or the chemical formula for DiHydrogen Monoxide. 

3. Very young, I  broke down late one evening on lonely road. In the parents car. I could not find the spare tyre. Older Subarus have them strapped to the top of the motor, and I forgot. 

Then two, very drunk, hard rock Miners, mature friends of my father, stopped to help change the car tyre. It. was. hilarious. (Slippery gravel, no light.. You get the idea.) 

4. My husband owns my iPhone - it's a Phone company rule - for the 'one account' to rule them all..

5. Cannibals frighten me. I mean some one who eats people on purpose - vomit. 
(Plus those running spiders / we have big ones here.)

Blog every damn day in June.

ps. even on holiday. I'm dedicated & I love reading everyone's posts & nearly there - 'party'.

July is BIG for us... 

And now a picture via FB

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