Sunday, 16 June 2013

Cook books - blog the 16th

This is partly for @flexnib cause she likes to browse and for @katiett who loves the Moosewood cookbook as much as I do :))

I have cookbooks in bookshelves in various parts of the house. The shelf in the lounge room is my favourite with 'the cooks companion' and 'the Jane Austen cookbook' amongst others for browsing, reading and dreaming of feasts for friends and loved ones. Amongst this group is Ian Hemphills 'Spice Notes' one of the better spice books... Reading this I can dream of being retired like Cadfael and sitting in my garden in the sun, surrounded by delicious smells, flowers and bees. (Until there is a murder of course. :)

The lounge room set ' the enchanted broccoli forest' is a companion book to the Moosewood.

The messy kitchen stash - currently enjoying 'a season in Morocco', beautifully illustrated and tangines to die for. The small green book and the yellow one next to it are 'muffin magic' and 'more muffin magic' by a local food and nutrition teacher - still my favourite muffin books as they are ' never fail'.

'Love and a wooden spoon' - this was my first cook book and birthday present from a lovely lady Allison Nagy. A New Zealander married to a Hungarian who worked with my Father in the nickel mines.
Mining towns were always, and still are a large mix of nationalities and transient families who all knew each other and moved where the work took them. She gave me this for my 21st and I treasure it. 
My first cookbook 
Beautifully illustrated and wonderful recipes and poems.

My new cookbook is the Internet and I'm currently looking up 'Thai pumpkin soup', seems to involve red curry paste... Hmm shopping tomorrow.

What are you cooking up?

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  1. I lloved seeing your books :) including some of the loved familiar ones!