Friday, 21 June 2013

Luck - blog the 21st

As luck would have it, I entered a competition for some new luggage. 
It was an RACWA competition in conjunction with Samsonite Australia.

I needed new luggage as my current bags gave been damaged/worn out over the years and badly need replacing.

This was a twitter competition promoting their #racantarctica and I WON! 

(I believe I deserve that exclamation point.)

I can't wait to use them, and here is a picture... Lovely blue...

So excited. They have the spinner wheels and everything. 

Blog every day for June 


  1. Congrats. You have every right to be excited and they look great!

  2. Hey hey congratulations! I'm in the market for some "proper" luggage too, apparently it's time to move on from backpacks...I like that blue.

    1. They are really nice and are the laminated tough exterior - light yet durable very light only a couple of kgs