Friday, 7 June 2013

The Earth moved - blog the 7th

We - the town of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, felt the earth move here last night and the consensus was that it couldn't be a blast because, it was the wrong time.

We all know that blasting is earlier in the day around 4:45pm and the tremor was around six pm.

To say that we are all a bit blasé about this process would be an understatement. The blasts happen with monotonous regularity and we 'all' know the routine.

We also know when it's an earthquake. 2.8 on the scale is not considered very large and hardly rates a mention.

There are exceptions, like a 'pillar blast' - simplistically (i'm sure there are many variables) this is where the mine decides that to make things safe on an underground level, they blast out all the pillars of rock holding up the level above and drop one level onto the other. This is usually a large movement and noise and the town gets a big warning before one is attempted. These do not happen very often.

The other exception is when we have a larger earthquake, the last having been a few years ago and centred in the Boulder Town centre. Lots of older, turn of the last century buildings fell down. It was devastating, and happened early in the morning, when a lot of the population was on the road on the way to work and school. These also do not happen often. I had just started work and watched our library rock.

So raising a glass to the stalwart people of Boulder, who are completing fixing, plastering and nearly scaffolding free. I salute you. 

I hope the next time the town rocks it will be in concert with Jimmy Barnes at the race round.

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