Thursday, 27 June 2013

Gadget redundancy - blog the 28th

Bought one of these small stylus thingys for the eye phone.
How 'rock and roll' am I? 

Looks nice - reasonable quality - good spring.

I lost it on my desk 'between phones' and found it yesterday.
It was bought for an eye phone 4 which has the earphone jack on the top... So plug the thingy in and it hangs ready for use.

However ...
The earphone jack is on the bottom in the eye phone 5 ... Renders the thingy useless as dangles, gets in the way.. Etc. 

This is the same for anything i used to use with the 4 and even my bedside clock with player is no use now. I liked that gadget. The changes to the charging cord also mean I need 2 cords when travelling as my eye pad is now different to the eye phone. 

I think I will give it to ms 16 who inherited the 4.

I don't really like this sort of phaffing about any way. Perfect for a teenager. :D

#update - she loves it. 

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