Monday, 17 June 2013

Journey - Blog the 17th

I've been thinking about journeys a lot recently, and remembering a conversation I had with a colleague years ago about the first steps we were both taking on a learning journey, me to attend Librarian school and her to learn alternative medicine, and complimentary therapies. The following quote was our mantra at the time...

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
Lao-tzuThe Way of Lao-tzu
Chinese philosopher (604 BC - 531 BC)   

We completed those journeys and embarked on others of various length and duration.

Big journeys, like the one my friends Tim and Allison are on, exploring the world, the 'work/life balance' journey that k-k-k-Kate another friend now believes is a myth. Or the journey another friend is experiencing from a wheelchair. 

All of us with our careers at different times, places and levels... 

Little joyful journeys to wish my Mother happy 80th birthday, trips to complete training or tasks. Tiny minutiae of daily journeys to work and home to fill out the hours before we sleep, and yes sleep can also be a journey, my husband would say, you were lucky if you get some, he has insomnia. That is his journey.

Journeys are perspective. We see then from our own point of view.

My minutiae may be a large journey for someone for various reasons.
My large journey may be second place to someone who travels for work or who has visited many places.

Currently I am in a sort of 'holding pattern' for the start of a large journey for me, small for other seasoned travellers and minutiae for people who travel all the time.

This holding pattern seems to have lasted for weeks and I have been imagining myself in the places I am going to visit for a very long time. I have danced around Mayfair, wintered at the Palace, met friends at the Eiffel Tower and imagined the water above the channel tunnel, waves tossing in dark delight. The endless thoughts about what might be, and what I might experience, and the questionable  weather from the part of the world we are visiting, are all exciting and will be my journey.

This one just needs to begin.

So currently my journey is one of planning and saving and excitement and looking forward, so much so that am glossing over the little journeys and forgetting the tiny tasks I need to complete.
So please forgive me if I have forgotten to post your birthday gift, answer that tweet, pay that bill (oops). I will try to get all the 'single steps' done in time to relax and let the big journey happen, it will so soon be over, this journey of a thousand miles.

And then maybe I can start another... With pleasant memories of the road and places visited.

Happy journeys to you all.
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