Saturday, 15 June 2013

Shopping - blog the 15th

Shopping with a teenage girl is hard yakka (strine for difficult) and if I remember correctly teenage boys are just as much fun.
1. First you have to get them out of bed - simples you might say, but no, not on the weekend.
2. Convince them they have to be there, to try on the clothes, shoes etc. Note: this campaign has usually started days before with the warning from you that they need X and we need to get it on Saturday. Accompanied but much groaning and complaining from you both.
3. Drive to the shop, stopping at food outlet of their choice as bribe to actually getting them in the car.
4. Find something they deem worthy of trying on.
5. Trying things on, while dodging that fellow student from school, who works at the clothing outlet they ' don't like' and this is embarrassing to be seen buying, um clothes?
6. Not allowing you to actually look at the dress on her, she has decided she can't live without, even though you think it's, well, tasteless ( but what do i know?.... decided at the last minute she didn't like it, phew).
7. Finally getting into the swing of shopping while you are dropping with fatigue. "Let's go to The games shop... I can show you all these cool things".
8. Home at last. Try's on all her wondeful new things, so glad she took you shopping.
9. Time for a cup of tea and a good lie down, while she tumbles to her friends.
10. NTS remember we didn't get the shoes we actually went for.. *smacks head in frustration*.
The end.

Do you have a loved one who hates shopping?
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  1. Hahaha I LOVE this post!

    You'll be glad to hear this routine changes a bit after the teen years. I go voluntarily but my mood gets progressively worse as we go, moving through cranky and into tears of despair. Bras and jeans are the worst. Followed closely by shoes (I have a really narrow feet and find it hard to get shoes). At the end of the day I owe my mum a huge apology and thanks for putting up with me.

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