Monday, 10 June 2013

Training, yes please - Blog the 10th

Training, yes please *hand up*

Last week I had the opportunity to participate online to learn about a tool that would help researchers in the area of bibliometrics, using the Web of Science database. I am beginning to appreciate the significance of this area of my work and was interested to learn more. Research Rules OK.

The course was online, delivered at 9:00pm on a Tuesday in the US to us on "Singapore time" in WA at 9am on Wednesday. (in the interwebs, the ability to time travel is a wonderous thing)

Two of my colleagues from our Perth main Library were also online and at their desks in different buildings. The presenter was, I believe, French if not then he spoke with a heavy accent, the participants were largely from New Zealand and Australia.

This was done over an online session to which we registered and connected through a link and we were able to view the desktop of the presenter, make comment and ask questions.

Apart from a few hiccups with mike volumes and muting to overcome a noise problem the session ran smoothly, and I learnt a lot.

I tried producing a couple of reports after the session and it seemed to work well. Now I need to learn more about the content of the reports and gather information about how it could help the clients here.

Training is a good thing and now technology has caught up and I can participate any when/where all I can say is "bring it on and I will try to do it justice".

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  1. I love how training is so much more accessible with the interweb. We offer training to our users through their desktops, and the takeup is much stronger than inhouse sessions which require them to travel.