Friday, 5 June 2015

Whats happening, meme

Following Kate and Con...

So what’s happening?

I’m reading – not a very good book, giving it the flick today and going through the a-z on the Kobo backwards. I usually always start at the front and I am 'mixing it up'. Forgot about 1/2 the things I have loaded over the past couple of years, and I badly need to weed (deselect). The kindle is gathering dust while I am on a 'read the pile you have, kick'.

I’m watching – Masterchef, Elementary, Outlander... 
Over ms18s shoulder ...'Orange is the new black' and last eps of 'How I met your mother'

I’m cooking – not much, lemon curd and pickling olives

I’m drinking – Tea, orange pekoe, hot

I’m thinking – about work

I’m taking – telfast

I’m missing – my Son (living in Perth) and my Father 

I’m enjoying – producing a play

I’m planning – holiday (or at least JB is, I'm just saying yes:)

I’m listening – rediscovering "the essential Michael Jackson" on my UEBoom (Bluetooth speaker... Mother's Day gift)

Happy #Blogjune

oh and we have library ants

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  1. Yay for Outlander and Michael Jackson and boo for library ants!