Thursday, 4 June 2015

One persons boring book is another's...

Seated at tea break struggling to read a book on the kobo and it's hard going. I was at page 74 and the story was moving at snails pace. 5 mins in, I was grateful to be interrupted twice, once by tourists from Mandurah looking for entertainment (I'm still not sure why they thought I was a tour guide, with the answers to what's on where? Pointed them to the museum. 'Be polite'.) and once by a student who was desperate to print again but couldn't figure out how 'not to pay' twice. Sad tale of woe and things awry, he proffered paper and everything. 

Gave up the book and tea was cold. The book wasn't getting anywhere fast, excruciating detail and not much story yet. However if you can get past the first 50 odd pages of 'the girl with the dragon tattoo' you can read anything. (Don't worry, after that it races along...)

Still it got me thinking about how one style, type, genre would appeal to someone and her neighbour could hate it. How one sort of museum could be ones cup of tea, and simply boring to another. The Mandurah tourists had already been round the rock museum fast, whereas I can spend ages studying the shapes and colours.

What makes something appealing, and how much of our own story do we use to set a perspective. 
I have read something and compared notes with others and found they simply 'read a different story', or so it seemed.

Setting the scene is a bit of a thing for me at the moment as I work through building a ww1 trench onstage and work out how to make fake rifles and uniforms. Will I set a scene that will suspend disbelief for the audience and transport them to that trench to share the story of the men within? 
That remains to be seen. (Lol, sorry) My perspective may appeal to some and not to others, as with this book.

I think I'll give it the flick, even if it is set in Venice, (next dream holiday) there's 100 odd more on the Kobo, life and tea breaks are too short to... 

...but wait, the main character just visited a library that still has a card catalogue, how quaint... And complete bs... Maybe she will... *turns page*


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