Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Makers and Fakers - on directing and casting for an amateur play production

  1. An actor is a person portraying a character -someone who interprets or fakes being someone else.
    "Actors are an illusion, amateur male actors doubly so" TB (2015)
    (to borrow from the lunchtime joke... and puns away) 
    Casting for an amateur production is hard and as any one will tell you doubly hard if you want men!  Amateur theatre has a lot of female support and it's not so hard to cast a play with women. (This is a whole other area of scary as too many can lead to friend loss... but that is for another post.) 
    So I decided to make some art and direct a play with only male characters ... What was I thinking... It's a good play, it's topical  and two intense well written acts that should go over well with audiences. 
    Casting is the problem .. small town (30,000) and two active theatre groups.
    Auditions brought me three and I was grateful. I worked the problem, gained one ... Lost him to work commitments, got another and all seemed ok. 
    First rehearsal - text message  from the new actor - he had to pull out as too committed, back to three. 
    At rehearsal one said, "oh this is on in July?" I might be overseas... I will check and let you know tomorrow. 
    [update - he texted his inability this morning]
    1. (In my defense of being slightly annoyed at this, the performance dates were in BOLD RED on the audition sheet - oh well, maybe his part was too small, as the Actress said to the Bishop)
    This leaves two. I have to say that the two left have the major roles and are, right from the start, reliably getting into the characters already. There are guns, man love and drama, its hard to beat.
    #newtask re-audition for the smaller roles, maybe double up a couple and cross my fingers.
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