Saturday, 13 June 2015


I like Shorts... By this I mean 'well crafted short versions of performance art, writing, films etc.'

Recently we hosted the Flicker Fest, a wonderful set of the best short films of last year. 
Best of international, Flickerkids, etc.

I am reading a set of short stories by Ron Elliott, entitled 'Now Showing' - so good.

And directing a short play, finding props helping actors and juggling roles. It's only for a 'short time', but intense and busy.

The only thing I don't like short is my energy, its not lasting. I'm also short on sleep. So after this spurt of activity I'll be on a short break, getting healthy. This flu is a nasty one. My recommend - avoid.

Short post ... :D


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  1. I just bought this colouring book! Fun, slow and creative for colour combinations.