Monday, 2 June 2014

its 25 years since Tiananmen Square

25 years ago this coming December I went to Hong Kong.
For our 'largely delayed by lack of cash' Honey Moon.

I remember, quite deliberately not applying for a visa to visit mainland China.
My reason - I am not sure I can visit a country that shoots its own.
Incredibly naïve, yes I know.
I remember many tourists, taking photos in front of many fine Christmas trees.
I remember a protest of 1 million that went largely unnoticed by the common tourist, me and only registering it happened on the news that evening.
(Walking through the area it did not seem to feel, crowd wise, much different to the day before).

I remember 'Grandparents Day' at the bird park, the old and the young enjoying the sun on the escalator to the aquarium and it stopping with too many passengers. We enjoyed the walk up.
I remember catching a local train to the stop before the border and returning.
I remember stopping to visit a temple for sending messages to the dead and singularly the coke machine that was at the entrance which seemed, at the time, largely incongruous in that setting.

I remember not being very sophisticated in politics and causes and understanding anything.
I still don't. I do remember thinking, 7 months later, its business as usual.
and still I remember the images of the square, the people and the tanks.
Most of the students I see every day were not even born, and don't even know about it, much like me wandering in the aftermath of the 1 million people protest.

its 25 years since Tiananmen Square



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  1. 25 years ago I was in Hong Kong too, watch the news, there was lot of blood and I remember the tanks too.