Saturday, 7 June 2014

babes with the power

This post is inspired by @flexnib 's post entitled 'Young'. I had been thinking about the link to the article on a child's right to privacy and whether I thought I had been circumspect enough with my own children's rights to privacy over the years I had been active online.

I admit upfront to not giving it much thought in the heady early days of sharing and blogging. As my education on all things 'net grew I realized that it was not a great thing to share all the intimate moments of my children growing up with a 'room full of the world'. There are things that are fine, like the odd birthday photo, however, I have gradually deleted a lot of the earlier stuff and not shared too much over the past 5 years.

I suppose this would equate in the earlier days, pre 'net to a parent involving you in a newspaper report or even writing you in as a character in a book or a biography. Still the internet has a memory that most other paper forms of information sharing don't unless its in an archival storage for some reason, to wit, I remember a scene in  'Notting Hill' where the main actress is trying to explain that, the unfortunate photos, taken of her when she was younger will never disappear,
        "WILLIAM     I mean -- today's newspapers will be
    lining tomorrow's waste paper bins.

ANNA     Excuse me?

WILLIAM     Well, you know -- it's just one day.
    Today's papers will all have been
    thrown away tomorrow.

ANNA     You really don't get it.  This story
    gets filed.  Every time anyone writes
    anything about me -- they'll dig up
    these photos.  Newspapers last forever.
    I'll regret this forever.

  He takes this in.  That's the end."

Notting Hill by Richard Curtis 1999

and all things considered, I don't want that for my children. I want them to have the power of their own destiny (waxing lyrical now.. lol) and not have anything I have done come back to hurt them.

a musical interlude... "Dance Magic Dance"

I was recently going through some photos for scanning and came across this one of me at approx. 2 years old on a hot day. My Mum, ever practical, must have given me some water to play with outside. Its a typical shot of the time, place and season, and I believe at our house in a suburb that was called 'Bushmead' (now Hazelmere) near Midland. My choice to post it ... :-)

'dance baby dance'

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