Sunday, 14 July 2013

Blog July - week two

And so to London to see the Queen...'s house
Went to Harry Potter tour at the studios 

And to 221B Baker Street

Then saw Shakespeare at 'The Globe'

And Tim Minchin's 'Matilda' at the Cambridge theatre in '7 Dials'

Ran around the underground, ate, traveled on the Thames went to the Tower of London ( where the guide said 'creepily' Ann Boyelyn [spell?] still resided in her grave)

So tired, so hot (heat wave here in London), and quite happy :)

Off on a new adventure today - driving to the North of England .. Should be cooler and hoping to see the 'Angel of the North' and meet some of JB's family.

One more image to round it out .. 
Portebello Markets - near Notting Hill Gate - London 

Bye for now ... Off to navigate out of London - should be fun if we don't take a wrong turning,.. :)

Blog July
#summer/winter holiday 

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