Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Blog July - week 3

Driving part of the holiday begins...
Left London - we has GPS (comment from end of driving - thanks be!)

It took us to Kings Lynn - Norfolk 
My Great, great, great grandparents emigrated from here in 1851 to Portland in Victoria. 

Then Scarborough and Whitby
Where we saw a castle (Scarborough) and a ruined abbey (Whitby) and a very lame Dracula experience in Whitby.. So bad!

We then travelled to 'the North' and around the area where JB was born ...

This is known as 'the angel of the north' by the same artist (Gormely) that did the sculptures on Lake Ballard near Menzies in WA.

I lost about 2 days with a virus bug thingy , JB was good to me .. 
We met his cousins and uncle and Aunty. Nice people.

We climbed up to the Penshaw monument... visited the Durham Cathedral, and JB's old house and where he was born - Rose Avenue. 

We left the area with some fond memories of the family we met and the places visited. 

We ended the week with a drive across the country to .... 

Bye for now 

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