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Goldfields Repertory Club - 1950's and 1960's

Goldfields Repertory Club - 1950's and 1960's
Floy Matthews was a Kalgoorlie artist, photographer and Life Member of the Goldfields Repertory Club. (GRC)
She was a member much involved in all aspects of the Club, including taking a lot of the publicity stills for the productions. I have included a few here for your enjoyment;

 Rumplestilskin 1969 (Dir.)

 Blythe Spirit 1954
(love the ghost in this one)

 not sure what this one was - so joyful I had to include

A Christmas Carol 1966 (Dir.)

The Magic Carpet
Written and Produced by Nancy Hobson

Charley's Aunt 1965

Breath of Spring 1966
(one of the few plays Lorna Mitchell acted in - top right)

Hot Summer Night (Set) 1965

Bonaventure 1964
(Loved the stained glass windows, they were talented set builders)

All for Mary 1962

Strike Happy 1966

The Blue Goose

The Tender Trap 1963

Summer of the Seventeenth Doll
(still for the show - taken in the Palace Hotel bar)

Saloon Bar 1956

Head shots of some of the GRC members in the 1960's
Floy is in the second row, second from the right.
Lorna Mitchell is centre second row.

Floy wrote the Club History from the beginnings to the 1980's.
"Stages: a history of the Goldfields Repertory Club"

Floy told me she apprenticed with a local photographer for her first working position in Kalgoorlie, (1930's?) and was very excited to help him with the photographing of the 'Golden Eagle Nugget' when it was found. 
Not sure this is the one but you can get the general idea of the time when she started her apprenticeship. Floy also shared that, most photography in the early days was portraiture, with most people requesting removal of distinguishing marks like moles, etc.
(No quick 'selfies' in those days, but the editing was the We shared many a tale over an afternoon tea or drinks at her home before she died.

Goldfields Repertory Club 1931 (inc.)

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